Okayama Prefectural Okayama Daianji Secondary School

1st graders
Job Shadowing
2nd graders
Work Experience
4th graders
Kansai Area University and
Vocational Study Trip
5th graders
Academic Research Pesentation


In April of 2010, our school was restructured from “Okayama Prefectural Okayama Daianji Senior High School” to “Okayama Prefectural Okayama Daianji Secondary School.” Although our grade levels expanded from 10th through 12th grade to 7th through 12th grade, our school motto of “shiteidougyou,” which means “teacher and student moving together towards the same goal,” remains the same. For this reason, our school continues to use the previous name: Okayama Daianji.


In keeping with our desire to carry on and strengthen the spirit of “shiteidougyou” at our school, we have kept the cherry blossom motif of the previous school symbol and added the initial “D” from Daianji to form our current school symbol.


Through their time at our school we hope to cultivate students who:

1. Set high goals for their future and have the motivation to realize those goals

2. Contribute to society actively out of a respect for themselves and others

3. Have the education, character, and autonomy to thrive in international society


  • We are a six year combined lower and upper secondary school.
  • We stress experiential learning to ready students for future challenges.
  • We prepare our students for entry into top, competitive universities.

Overseas Study Program

Our third year students participate in a two-week overseas study program in Australia where they participate in a homestay, study at a local language school and have opportunities to interact with local people through workplace visits and more.

English Lesson
at Shafston
International College
Work Experience
Group Field Trip
in Brisbane
with Host Family
At the Courtyard in Shafston International College


We place great emphasis on preparing students to enter university upon graduation. In particular, we aim to prepare our students for entry into higher level universities in Japan. Although many of our students go on to many different colleges and universities after graduation, here are some highlights of the 2017 and 2018 school year:

National and Regional Public Universities

Tokyo University ― 8 students

Kyoto University ― 9 students

Osaka University ― 27 students

Hokkaido University ― 1 student

Nagoya University ― 2 student

Kyushu University ― 9 students

Kobe University ― 10 students

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies ― 2 students

Private Universities

Keio University ― 14 students

Waseda University ― 17 students

Sports and Clubs

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